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We help companies like yours, B2B SaaS’ in the marketing space to attract, engage, and convert new users through targeted content marketing strategies.

But let’s make this clear: no, we don’t just create content for your blog.

We work in partnership with you to deliver content marketing programs that drive specific business results:

  • Grow the user base
  • Generate more quality leads
  • Build and nurture an email list
  • Attract more website traffic
  • Build your authority and audience.

How We Do It

Step 1. Research and Strategy Development

We begin by analyzing your market, the target audience, and your competition and design a content marketing strategy to get you the results you want.

What You Get

A complete report containing specifics about your audience, market, and competitive landscape. We’ll also send you our recommendations for the strategy and come up with preliminary content ideas for 3 months.



Step 2. Content Creation & Promotion

Every month we produce highly engaging content that’s relevant to the people you want to attract and promote it to them via various content promotion strategies.

What You Get

High-quality and engaging content published to your site every week. We’ll also promote every blog post on social media, submit it to industry communities and use other content promotion strategies to position it in front of your target audience.

Step 3. Lead Generation & Nurturing

We devise and manage lead generation programs through content upgrades and weekly newsletters to convert your blog visitors into leads and later, new trial users.

What You Get

2 lead magnets a month to capture emails from your prospective users. And then, 2 targeted email newsletters to nurture your relationship with them and entice to sign up.



Step 4. Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting

We monitor the strategy’s performance and send you a detailed report each month along with recommendations for improvements.

What You Get

A complete report on your content strategy in an easy-to-understand form. We don’t just send you stats. We explain them and let you know how you’re doing in simple terms.

Who We Work With

We help B2B companies operating in marketing and sales space. Areas we have the biggest experience include but are not limited to:

  • Email Marketing
  • B2B Marketing and Sales
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Local Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Business Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Product Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Content Marketing

Why Hire Us

We have a high degree of specialized product knowledge when it comes to selling B2B SaaS products

Our experience in working exclusively with B2B SaaS companies helps us to quickly identify your company’s needs and design strategies to help achieve your goals.

We have great comfort marketing to B2B SaaS audience

Our founder, Pawel has walked more than a mile in your shoes. He has promoted, marketed and sold software products and understands your audience, what makes them tick and how to best communicate the value of your product to them.

We also have a deep understanding of the most current SaaS marketing strategies

Thanks to recently completed Masters in marketing (and dissertation on SaaS marketing) and background in business, Pawel can understand your company’s challenges, uncover your message and devise the best way to communicate it in a clear and concise way.


“Pawel is a fantastic writer who is not only knowledgeable, but who puts in the research and time to deliver top-notch content. He’s great at developing ideas in to articles that our readers want to read. Our goal was to see a positive ROI through hiring Pawel and it’s already looking that way in the short-term. Two thumbs up!”

Christian Sculthorp – Director of Marketing, Agency Analytics

“Pawel is one of the best writers we’ve worked with. He immediately understood the kind of content that our audience like and constantly delivers great articles, on time.

All his articles are well researched, full of data points and links to interesting resources. We’re gonna work more and more with Pawel as he also has a clear strategic view on Content Marketing and provides valuable feedback to scale our marketing effort.”

Massimo Chieruzzi – CEO, AdEspresso

“Pawel is an incredibly knowledgeable content marketer and he seems to turn this knowledge into compelling copy and blog posts with great consistency. He is always approachable, full of ideas and has no problem getting stuck in, regardless of the brief. I would recommend Pawel to any startup company that needs help with their content marketing.”

Kevin McGrath CEO, Co-Founder, Beacon

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