About Us

Usermagnet is a copywriting and content marketing agency working exclusively with B2B SaaS companies and marketing agencies.

We assist in-house marketers and agencies in developing outstanding content and copy that drives website traffic, leads, brand recognition, and thought-leadership.

About the Team

Usermagnet consists of a small but highly specialist team of SaaS copywriters and content marketers.

Every one of our writers has been trained in the latest copywriting strategies that apply to the software market.

Plus, we follow strict quality processes to ensure that we deliver content guaranteed to engage your audience.

So, although small in size, we can deliver big impact on your marketing.

And there is one other thing we’d like to make clear about us:

We’re an agency, not a marketplace

Many content creation companies simply match you with freelancers on their system to write your copy.

But when you hire us, you get a team of highly-experienced tech writers, fully trained in writing for SaaS buyers.

As a result, our content always exceeds anything created by generic writers without in-depth experience in promoting and selling software products.

Looking for help with developing content for your brand? Email us at hi@usermagnet.io or book a free consultation to discuss how we could work together.