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A Good Primer on Matching Content to SaaS Buying Stages

Matching content to the buyer's journey

A quick note from Pawel: In this guide, my good friend, Justin McGill from LeadFuze, a killer B2B lead gen. software offers an introduction into organizing your content around your product’s buying cycle. Naturally, there’s way more to the whole process. But if you’ve never tried to identify the content for each stage, then Justin’s post will […]

This is How to Find Content Ideas That Will Grow Your SaaS

SaaS Content Ideas

Look: I’m sure you know that to grow your SaaS, you need to create and publish content. And you also know that you need to focus on solving specific problems if you want to get it noticed. But let me guess: You struggle with finding content ideas that can deliver value to your business, and […]

9 Calls to Action that Convert Blog Readers into Trial Users

Convert Blog Readers

Do you sometimes question the usefulness of content? Angrily dismiss it as just another hype that ultimately has no potential to attract users to your app? I mean, you’ve been publishing posts for quite a while, right? You’ve tried time-tested strategies and then, dabbled with the new ones too. And yet, apart from a spike […]

5 Actionable Tips for Getting Your Content Noticed on Twitter

Getting content noticed on Twitter

Has this ever happened to you before? You published a new post. Excited about all the great insights you shared you rush off to tweet your audience about it and then… … watch the analytics on your site remain stuck at zero. It seems that your audience doesn’t care about your advice, right? Or that […]

9 Time-Saving Writing Tips for SaaS Founders Who Blog

time-saving writing tips for SaaS founders who blog

Oh I’m sure you know the feeling: You sit down to write a new post. You want to help your audience, engage them, and convince to sign up for your app in the process… …and a couple of hours later, you still struggle to get it done. Other things begin to cry for your attention. […]

eBook or Content Upgrade? How to Choose the Right Lead Magnet for Your SaaS

Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out? Like, you hear all the success stories… A lead generation campaign tripled some startup’s monthly leads. Another one claims to have practically built their entire user base with lead magnets and smart automation. And another one had doubled their sales with irresistible lead magnets. But you’re still […]