Podcast Alex Theuma

I’m sure you already know the so many benefits of building a community around your SaaS – from unparalleled audience insights to word-of-mouth influence.

But how do you actually build a thriving community? That’s exactly what I’m talking about with Alex Theuma, the guy behind a massively popular SaaScribe blog, host of the SaaS Revolution Show podcast, and the main organizer of the SaaStock conference here in Dublin.

In our talk, we discuss various strategies Alex used to build a thriving audience around his blog, and eventually launch a SaaS conference on the back of it.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to attract more targeted users to your content, and convince them to become loyal readers, and later, users of your product, then this episode is definitely for you.

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Some of the things Alex discussed during the interview:

  • The story behind SaaScribe launch,
  • How he managed to grow the blog to 30k visits in 3 months
  • Growth hacking strategies he used initially to introduce the blog, and later his podcast to the audience

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why quantity is more crucial at the start than quality
  • How to use syndication to grow your site’s traffic
  • How to keep users coming back to the site, and eventually turn them into a thriving community
  • How to use offline events to boost your community.
  • Where to take your community next.
  • About Alex and SaaScribe/SaaStock

Alex is Co-Founder and Editor of SaaScribe. Alex is a Tech & Start-up enthusiast who watches Bloomberg west on repeat and always has an emergency copy of Fast Company in his man bag. As a massive SaaS nerd, Alex decided to set up SaaScribe out of a frustration that the topic of SaaS was not being served in an accessible format for SaaS Professionals of all levels of experience, so that they can learn about this booming industry through one easy to read and ambitiously cool online SaaS Magazine.

SaaScribe is one of the leading SaaS blogs, bringing you the word from the SaaS Startup Community. Alex and team (disclaimer: I occasionally write for SaaScribe too) bring insights and advice into building, and growing a SaaS startup.

SaaStock is Europe’s first SaaS-focused conference, taking place in September in Dublin, Ireland. It launched in 2016, and featured renowned speakers as Des Traynor (Intercom), Leo Widrich (Buffer), David Cancel (Drift) and many others.

This year’s speakers include: David Skok, Steli Efti, Patrick Campbell, David Darmanin, and tens of others.