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I’m sure you know this already – podcasting is a hugely successful content strategy for building your authority, and attracting new users.

And if you’re wondering how to actually start a podcast, what show format would be the best for your SaaS, and what skills you’d need to learn, then you’ll love this episode.

Today, I’m talking to Andy Baldacci. Andy runs two of my favorite shows – The Agency Advantage, and Early Stage Founder, and he’s one of the experts in launching and building a thriving podcast show.

In our talk, we discuss the benefits of using podcasting to grow your audience, and go through steps involved in getting a podcast show off the ground.

And at the end, Andy shares an incredible resource he’s built for those of you guys who seriously consider starting their own show, so listen till the end of the episode to learn how to get it.

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Some of the things Andy discussed during the interview:

  • Is podcasting for everyone?
  • Why you should consider launching a podcast?
  • What’s the process of getting a show off the ground?

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The steps required to plan, launch, and promote your show.
  • The skills you need and what you could outsource.
  • Podcast formats to choose from.

About Andy

Andy is a marketing director at Hubstaff, a fantastic time tracking software for remote teams.

He’s also an avid podcaster, and runs two amazing shows:

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Special Resource from Andy: