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In this episode, I’m talking with Benji Hyam, the co-founder of two fantastic companies – Grow and Convert and Wordable.io about a very serious problem we all face when it comes to content marketing – the difficulty to getting our content noticed, and breaking through the insane amount of other content out there.

In our chat, we’ve covered everything from the reasons why it’s getting harder and harder to promote content, how readers became smarter, how we marketers seem to be slowly running out of topics to leaving keyword-based content ideas and moving to focusing on single, specific problems per post.

Later in the episode, Benji also shares his process for finding those specific content topics, and ensuring that you create content your audience is waiting for.

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Some of the questions I asked Benji:

  • Why it’s getting harder to promote a product, in a case of our listeners, a SaaS app with content?
  • Why we simply must leave the keywords, and turn our attention to highly-specific problems?
  • How do you select topics that go deeper into the problem?
  • Does content length matter when you answer your audience’s specific problems?

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why content promotion is such a hurdle for content marketers.
  • How focusing on specific problems attract smaller yet more profitable audience.
  • The process for finding out your audience’s specific problems to write about.

About GrowandConvert and Wordable.io

Wordable.io is a SaaS app that brings blog posts from Google Docs to WordPress with the click of a button – it saves content marketers hours on formatting blog posts.

Grow and Convert trains marketers on their proven content marketing process that helps companies generate high-quality leads at a low acquisition cost.

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