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Fact: visuals have become the key part of today’s content promotion.

However, I admit that even the notion of having to create social media graphics might seem intimidating.

That’s why, for this episode, I invited Chris Gimmer, the CEO of a fantastic design app called Snappa.io (note: we use and love it at Usermagnet!) to talk to us about creating visuals for social media.

Me and Chris discuss the importance of creating graphics for every content you create, we go through the differences in how audiences on various social networks engage with visuals, and Chris is sharing some amazing ideas for creating stunning graphics to use when promoting content on social.

And so, if you’re wondering how to create visuals to promote your content on social, then this episode is for you.

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Some of the questions I asked Chris:

  • Why visual content matters so much to content promotion on social media?
  • What are the common ways to leverage visuals to engage your audience?
  • Are there any particular difference in how audience on various social networks engage with visuals?
  • What are your favorite visual content types that you use to promote Snappa?

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of creating more than one visual for EVERY content piece you publish.
  • Design tricks that will make your visuals stand out and look as if they were created by a professional graphic designer.
  • Ideas for various graphics you could quickly create for blog posts and other content types.

About Snappa.io

Without a doubt, Snappa is the easiest design tool on the market (and mind you, we’ve been using it every day for months now so we know :). The tool allows you to quickly create anything from blog graphics, social media visuals, to social ads and other content types.

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