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In this episode, I’m talking to Hannah Chaplin, the CEO of Receptive, a startup that allows SaaS companies manage feature requests and feature demand about their absolutely genius strategy of using the same content to reach a much wider audience that you’d normally would if you were posting it in one place only.

So, if you’re looking for ways to reach audience beyond your blog but don’t necessarily have the time to create original content for every channel you’d like to use, then this is the episode for you.

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Questions I asked Hannah:

  • Where does Hannah repost the Receptive content and what’s her process/
  • How does she pick content pieces to repost?
  • Has she experienced any negative side-effects of reusing the same content on different channels (i.e. negative impact on rankings, etc.)

What you’ll learn if you listen to this episode:

  • How to further your reach without having to produce more original content
  • How to find topics that will ignite discussions with your target audience
  • How to reach audiences on highly specific social networks and Slack channels.

About Receptive.io

Receptive is the only dashboard built especially for software product teams to collect, measure & understand feature requests.

Resources Mentioned:

How to get in touch with Hannah

You can catch Hannah on Twitter, read her posts on Receptive’s blog (or Medium, one of the channels she reposts them to)

Thank you for listening.