Podcast Kevin McGrath

My guest in this episode of the SaaS Content Marketing Show is Kevin McGrath, the CEO of Beacon, an app that helps convert existing content into beautifully looking lead magnets.

Kevin and I discuss repurposing content for lead generation, and go through various strategies, tips, and tricks to create powerful eBooks, checklists or resource lists fast.

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Questions I asked Kevin:

  • What is repurposing?
  • How do you decide what content is good for repurposing?
  • What makes a lead magnet?
  • What other lead magnets, apart from eBooks, companies could repurpose their content to?

What you’ll learn if you listen to this episode:

  • Why repurposing is the easiest way to create lead magnets.
  • How to identify the best topics and content for lead magnets.
  • Steps you need to take to create a powerful lead magnet.
  • Top factors you should pay attention to when repurposing content.
  • Most common mistakes you should avoid when doing so.

About Beacon

Beacon is an amazing app that let’s you instantly convert your existing blog posts into professionally designed, downloadable content without any need for a designer. And with their WordPress plugin, you can even skip having to copy and paste your content and import whatever posts you want to repurpose directly from your blog.

How to get in touch with Kevin and Beacon:

Thank you for listening.