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Look: There are many channels you could use to drive traffic to your content – social media, email, referrals…

But SEO beats them all.


And yes, I know that growing organic traffic takes time and effort. But let me tell you, once you get to the point where your posts rank well enough, you start reaping huge rewards – you constantly get more of relevant visitors (meaning: potential users).

But to start the process, you first need to identify phrases your audience would use when looking for the information or advice you shared in your content.

And that’s exactly what we’re talking about with Tim. And I have to say, Tim shared some incredible advice in this show, stuff you don’t hear or see anywhere else.

So if you wonder how to do keyword research for your next blog post, infographic or any other content type, this show is definitely for you.

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Some of the things Tim discussed during the interview:

  • The new ways we use to search for information
  • Changes to the way we use Google
  • The irrelevance of the buying cycle in keyword research (and what you should pay attention to instead)
  • Quick ways to identify the best keywords for your content (by looking at the competition)

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How keywords work today (and it’s not what you think)
  • What metrics you should look at (and what to ignore) when assessing keywords
  • Why you should always look for more than one keyword for your content

About Tim and Ahrefs

Tim Soulo is the head of marketing at Ahrefs.com where he promotes the company’s unique (and amazing) set of tools to SEOs and anyone else wishing to boost their online visibility.

Ahrefs provides a set of tools that help SEOs and businesses monitor, analyze, and act on various SEO-related data.

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