Landing page copywriting

Content writing services for marketing agencies.

It doesn’t matter what type of agency you run – inbound, PPC, SEO… – you need content.
Lots of it.
Your clients sites, content strategies or advertising campaigns won’t do without a written word.
But the trouble starts when your in-house writers can no longer handle all the work you have. Or if you need them to focus on other projects instead.
That’s where we come in.
We’re a small but highly experienced team of SaaS copywriters and content writers, assisting agencies like yours in developing content and copy to help your clients achieve their goals.
We’re skilled across a wide range of content types, from blog posts to eBooks, white papers and other lead magnets, emails, drip campaigns and much more.
We’ve worked with brands of all sizes, from enterprise giants to small startups.
And thanks to our unique expertise in SaaS and strict focus on the software market, we can quickly understand your product, audience along with their challenges, and write content that will engage them emotionally.

Our service is for you if you:

  • Have a huge workload your in-house content team can’t cope with,
  • Looking to deliver more projects without having to add more payroll employees,
  • Need specialist content marketing expertise.

What we offer agencies:

  • White-label service
  • Special, agency-only pricing (10%-20% off our regular price, depending on the number of clients or content pieces you use us for.)
  • A highly-trained team of SaaS and tech copywriters who can deliver more diverse projects than a single freelancer, for example.

Benefits of Hiring Usermagnet

  • Ability to deliver more content types and scale your content production
  • Free up resources for other projects
  • Eliminate the need for more payroll employees, holiday cover,
  • Access to highly specialised writing expertise

White label content writing for agencies
We provide a full, white label option for agencies, meaning that your client will never know about our involvement.
We work directly with you, and hand over the content in a Google Docs that you can then present to a client.
White label writing FAQs:
Q: How do we ensure the quality of your content?
A: We have a process for working with agencies that’s super simple but giving you full control over the content.
1. Onboarding. At the start, we’ll ask you to provide us with some basic information about your client and their target audience so that we know who we target. This step happens only once for each client.
2. Briefing. You provide us with the brief. It can be as simple as the topic and some generic idea about what to include.
Depending on the nature of the project, we might also request some additional information, if needed.
3. Research. We conduct research on our end, compiling all information we need to deliver your project, and present you with a brief for sign off. This ensures that we’ve understood the topic, and included everything you hoped to see there.
4. First draft. Next, we then provide you with the first draft of the piece for review and feedback that we incorporate into the second draft.
5. Final draft. Upon completion, you sign off on the piece, and the project’s done. In case of blog posts, we can also submit and format the content directly in WordPress for you. For copywriting projects, we prepare them to hand over to your designer.
It’s that simple.
Q: Are you not just another marketplace that churns out 100s of articles a week?
A: No. But it’s true, many content creation companies simply match you with freelancers to deliver your copy.
When you hire us, you hire a team of highly-experienced tech writers, fully trained in writing marketing copy and content for the SaaS buyers.
As a result, our content always exceeds words created by generic writers without in-depth experience in marketing software products.
Q: How do I know how much you cost me?
A: We offer flat pricing for most content types, making it super easy to calculate our cost without a need for proposals or lengthy price negotiations.
Naturally, as an agency, you can’t predict all content you need to publish each month at the start of the month. So we typically agree on the minimum monthly amount of content with agencies, and then, add any overload to the next month’s invoice.
Looking for help with developing content for your clients? Email us at or book a free consultation to discuss how we could help your agency.

What You Get

  • Complete content with in-depth research, and images and screenshots, if required.
  • SEO-optimized for your keywords
  • Content submitted through Google Docs to make it easy to comment and track revisions
  • Social media updates that you could use when promoting the post (3 unique tweets, 1 longer update to use on LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Complete Grammar Check


Get in Touch

How It Works

  1. Let us know how many blog posts a month you require.
  2. Provide us with some basic information about your product, target audience, and business goals to get us started.
  3. We follow it up with any questions, if any.
  4. For every blog post, we conduct research on our end, compiling all information we need to deliver your content, and present you with an outline for sign off.
  5. Next, we write and deliver the first draft of the piece for review and feedback that we incorporate into the final draft.
  6. Upon completion, you sign off on the piece, and the blog post is ready for publication, while we get started on the next one.