SaaS Content Marketing Framework

From “Oh sugar, we need more leads!” to “darn, what are we going to do with so many!”…

…here’s the SaaS content marketing framework we’ve developed and use to generate leads for our clients and grow their user base.


Stage 1. Awareness

Objective: Introducing Your App to as Many Potential Users as Possible

When no one knows about your app, you have no user base to leverage, and your site gets only a trickle of traffic…

…then you shouldn’t be focusing on anything else than increasing brand awareness.

You need to reach out and connect with potential users, tell them about your app, and invite them to learn more about it.

And since you have no audience of your own, the quickest way to achieve it is through guest posting and PR.


Stage 2. Audience

Objective: To Build a Thriving Audience and Position Your Company as THE Online Resource for Potential Users Looking for Advice

Once potential users begin to recognize your brand, the next step is to build a tribe of your own.

Your aim is to attract and connect with people who have the problem your product seeks to help them overcome and are willing to engage with your product.

Here’s how we help you to achieve it:

  • Research

We begin by thoroughly researching your target audience, market, and competitors.

We believe in an “in your shoes” approach to doing business. That’s why we invest time to understand your business to plan and deliver the best content program to your needs.

Information gathered during this stage helps us understand your audience’s problems, pain points.

  • Planning

We analyze the research to uncover what information your audience typically searches for at different stages of the buying cycle and what questions they’d like you to answer for them.

Based on these findings we develop a 3 months’ content calendar.

  • Content Creation & Promotion

Every month we produce highly engaging content that’s relevant to the people you want to attract and promote it to them via various content promotion strategies.

  • Analysis and Reporting

We monitor the strategy’s performance and send you a detailed report each month along with recommendations for improvements.

What you get: Engaging content published to your site weekly, attracting relevant and high-quality visitors.




Stage 3. Leads

Objective: To Convert Visitors into Email Subscribers and Nurture Them Until They’re Ready to Sign Up for Your App

A growing list of leads = more opportunities for connection and user activation.

With a solid brand awareness, thriving audience, steadily growing traffic, and recognition in the industry, the final step is to convert those visitors into leads.

  • Lead Generation

We devise and manage lead generation programs through content upgrades

  • Lead Nurturing

We send bi-weekly newsletters to your leads that strengthen your business relationship with them and entice them to sign up for your app.

 What you get: New leads delivered right to your email marketing program and nurtured with targeted email newsletters.


Please note: at we focus on helping B2B SaaS companies with stages 2 and 3 of the framework and provide no PR services at the moment. However, if you need help with building awareness of your product, let us know. We might be able to recommend someone who could help you.


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