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How to Reach a Wider Audience Through Podcasting with Andy Baldacci

Andy Baldacci Podcast

I’m sure you know this already – podcasting is a hugely successful content strategy for building your authority, and attracting new users. And if you’re wondering how to actually start a podcast, what show format would be the best for your SaaS, and what skills you’d need to learn, then you’ll love this episode. Today, […]

How to Promote Your Content with Influencer Outreach with Dave Schneider from

influencer outreach dave schneider ninjaoutreach

There’s a lot of talk about influencer outreach. Some marketers list it among the most effective strategies, the others slate and call it nothing short of spam. And so, for this episode, I invited someone who’s not only extremely knowledgeable about influencer outreach but also, runs software that allows users reach out and build relationships […]

How to Optimize Your Blog for Higher Conversions with Alex Birkett from ConversionXL

Alex Birkett Interview

I have absolutely incredible episode for your today. I’m talking with Alex Birkett from ConversionXL about different ways to optimize a blog for higher conversions. During the chat, we’ve discussed the difficulties SaaS companies face when trying to convert blog visitors, how visitor behavior has changed recently, and what typically prevents visitors from acting on […]

[Podcast] Using Digital PR to Grow Your SaaS with Alexandra Tachalova

Using Digital PR to Grow a SaaS with Alexandra Tachalova

In this episode, I’m talking with Alexandra Tachalova, a digital marketing consultant, speaker, and former brand manager at SEMrush about a strategy that offers new opportunities to grow a SaaS company and attract new users – Digital PR. In our chat, we’ve covered everything from the definition of digital PR, and what makes it different from […]

[Podcast] Introduction to Content Hacking with Pierre Lechelle

Content hacking with Pierre Lechelle

In this episode, I’m talking to Pierre Lechelle about a powerful growth strategy you may have heard a lot about already but chances are you’re not sure how to implement – content hacking. Some of the questions I asked Pierre: What exactly is content hacking? How do you plan a content-based growth hacking strategy? How […]