What We Do

Content marketing services for B2B SaaS companies.

At Usermagnet, our specialty is writing and promoting engaging content for B2B SaaS companies to attract visitors, and convert them into leads or demo requests.

Our services fall into three main categories:

Monthly content marketing packages

To stand out in a busy SaaS market, and build thought-leadership required to convince users to consider your product as a viable solution, you need to publish highly engaging content regularly.

Similarly, you need to ensure that every blog post or other content asset reaches your target audience, and attracts them to your site.

And our monthly packages allow you to do exactly just that.

Monthly packages include:

  • Content writing
  • Content writing + content promotion
  • Content writing + promotion + lead generation via content upgrades.

This service is ideal for companies looking to publish high-quality content to their blogs.

Individual content and copywriting projects

There is a huge range of content formats to use when you’re generating leads. From eBooks, whitepapers and other lead magnets, to infographics, long-form guides, and much more. And we can write them for you, whenever you need them.

This service is ideal for any SaaS company looking to produce strategic content assets to propel their growth.

Content promotion and distribution

You may already have a strategic asset you need to promote and attract more visitors to. We use a combination of various content distribution strategies, from social media, community marketing, influencer outreach to paid advertising to drive more traffic to your content.

This service is ideal for anyone who already has an existing strategic content asset and needs to promote it to their target audience.

Note: Our packages and project quotes include research, briefing, outlining, content creation, promotion (if applicable), project management, and one round of revisions that can be completed within one hour (apart from blog posts). You must request a revision within 30 days of delivering the copy. Any further revisions are quoted separately.

To find out more about how we could help you, book a free consultation or email us at hi@usermagnet.io



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